Eric on his honeymoon in Hawaii

About Unallocated LLC

Unallocated LLC is owned by me, Eric McCarthy. I’m a web-centric software engineer with over 14 years of professional experience, writing and deploying highly scalable backend services, user-friendly frontend interfaces, and productivity enhancing developer tools. I’m fluent in JavaScript, HTML, C, Perl, and <ev>. I have familiarity with plenty of other languages too, so I can pick up just about anything real quick. And I’m always keeping up to date with the latest tech—it helps that I co-organize Tucson Web Stackers where there is always an awesome talk on the latest cool new thing.

Feel free to check out my résumé and my portfolio. If you think I might be able to help your developers ship faster and happier, get in touch!

About This Website

I made this site using the Hugo static site generator and plain old HTML and CSS. It’s hosted for no more than a few dollars a month on Amazon S3 and the Cloudfront CDN.